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Service project

Mastitis-collection service

  features no injections, no medicine, no surgery, just massage can effectively clean up of acute and chronic mastitis, returning to normal body temperature and eliminate redness, discharge pus. Particularly problematic faced serious customers, will be the most safe, conservative treatment methods for customers to solve and avoid customers continue to suffer unnecessary pain. As some customer breast inflammation long-term infusion is missing improved, or is see improved but stopped liquid will recurrence; some customer breast redness increasingly diffusion product emulsion pus is stranded, injections infusion are missing effect; some customer was medical sector recommends used surgery drainage this hit type treatment method, drainage Hou still cannot completely solution problem even and caking silt milk not out; some customer breast health sores, pus liquid outflow. List is plagued with problems serious problems no longer, in response to these challenges, Belle a good method is simple, quick, effective, principles plain, after Belle's treat, not only to avoid further unnecessary suffering and can avoid the injections and was forced to stop breast feeding occurs. After the massage, can be fast and effective recovery of breast-feeding functions and new mothers breastfeeding, pleasurable feeling.


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