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A age inappropriate drinking yogurt

  We young are is like drink yogurt, because yogurt of nutrition value than high some, and taste compared good, so many of new mother on with these so-called nutrition value high of yogurt to children drink, actually science proved, to one age following of baby drink yogurt is is not science of, reminded members new dad mother, until children slightly big is has again to baby drink yogurt, and best is in meal of two hours zhihou to baby drink milk. Why is that?
we are know newborn of the system function are no development completely, especially stomach system, certainly is no development mature, and gastric acid stomach protein and so on, content are is low, we are know yogurt of pH value on is low of, so can is easily of hurt to small baby of stomach mucosa barrier, so health of role that is greatly of reduced, and also will brings side effects, so does recommends adults in drink yogurt Qian also more eat points things.
yogurt of containing calcium volume than less, and newborn are in development State, so body also is need cover of when, and does yogurt in the of as bacteria also can damage useful bacteria of growth, so does will effect baby of normal digest function, if usually drink of not when, also will caused intestinal disease, most is caused diarrhea, this is most key of, one age above of baby also can drink yogurt, but as don't again fasting drink, or stomach within of environment adverse so lactic acid Bacillus of growth, This will lose nutritional value of yogurt, so after two hours after drinking milk is the best time to eat.


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